State : Gujarat

City : Ahmadabad

Descriprion :


DC A Range: 400/4000µA/40/400mA/4/10A.

DC A Accuracy: ±2.0%rdg±4dgt (400/4000µA), ±1.0%rdg±4dgt (40/400mA), ±1.6%rdg±4dgt (4/10A).

AC A Range: 400/4000µA/40/400mA/4/10A.

AC A Accuracy: ±2.6%rdg±4dgt (400/4000µA), ±2.0%rdg±4dgt (40/400mA/4/10A).

Duty: 0.1-99.9% (Pulse width/Pulse period) ±2.5%±5dgt.


Display: 4000 counts.

Auto range and manual range selector provided.

Resistance range provides audible continuity test.

Automatically turns the power off in about 30 minutes to conserve battery life.

Direct current measurement up to 10A AC and DC.

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